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 The start of a healthy tree is proper pruning.  Remove deadwood, unsightly and broken branches, any diseased parts, and as a means of directing growth.  Frequently it is desirable to thin trees so that sunlight can come through to maintain your lawn.  You can reduce weight, thus making a tree safer in storms.  A trained arborist can achieve these goals without making your tree a skeleton.  A properly pruned tree should still look natural, and have foliage so that it remains healthy.


Trees which grow in a forest under natural conditions do not need fertilizer.  They receive all necessary nutrients from the natural breakdown of its own leaf and wood decay.  Your trees will benefit from our fertilization because your leaves are removed each year and the soil becomes packed, from seasonal mowers and usage.  All trees and shrubs are not the same.  So one type of fertilizer is not a cure all.  We target each plant separately to end=sure the best results.  Tests show that plants in good health have a tolerance to insects and disease.  By fertilizing properly, you can cut insecticide sprays as much as 50% to 70%.